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Instrumentation Primer - Oilfiled Sensors


Load Sensors

Load sensors are used to measure the weight or load of various things in the oilfield. Load sensors can be installed in various ways. Load cells can be of the compression type, tension type, double acting (compression and tension), and shear type.

Cylinder Style Load Cell Sensor
Cylinder Style Load Cell Sensor

Pancake Style Flat Load Cell Sensor
Pancake Style Flat Load Cell Sensor

Tension load cells come in the form of tension links for use for measuring chain and cable tension. They can come in the form of flat cylinders (pancake style) for use under tanks, bins, and pieces of equipment to measure their weight. They can come in the form of load pin (shear type) used as a shaft or axle to measure the weight being carried by a pulley or sprocket.

Some examples of the use of load cells would be; on sheave blocks to measure the hook load, below tanks to measure the weight of the fluid and on a pulley axle to measure cable tension on a wireline truck. Load sensor electrical signals can be fed directly in to the Rapidlogger System, recorded and displayed.

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