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Instrumentation Primer - Oilfield Sensors


Density Sensors

Density of fluids is an important parameter to measure in the oilfield. Everything from cement to drilling mud requires a good measure of density.

Coriolis Flow Meter
Coriolis Flow Meter

Radioactive Density Meter
Radioactive Density Meter

Two of the most common type of oilfield densitometers are the radioactive and coriolis types. Densitometer based on the coriolis principal utilize a 'U' shaped tube in the flow. Actuators built into the meter vibrate the bent tube perpendicular to the direction of flow. The coriolis effect forces a twist in the vibrating tube. The amount of twist is measured and is proportional to the mass flow through the tube.

The radioactive densitometer work by means of a radioactive source. The source sends out gamma rays through the pipe and the fluid inside. The gamma rays pass through the pipe and fluid and hit a detector. The detector measures the intensity of the gamma radiation which is proportional to the density of the fluid.

The Rapidlogger System can directly read the electrical and software signals from all densitometers and can record, display, and report the information.

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