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Rapidlogger Products - Job Monitoring System for Fracturing Units

Rapidlogger Oilfield Fracturing Monitoring Hardware


Rapidlogger Systems for fracturing pumps can measures, displays and records the pump pressure, rates, volumes and other parameters that the operator may choose. It can also be setup to trip the pump if the pressure exceeds a high limit preset by the operator. Up to a maximum of eight fracturing pumps can be monitored by a single Rapidlogger System. Additionally multiple Rapidlogger units can be ganged to allow for a larger number of pumps to be monitored. Densitometer input is also available.


The Rapidlogger System for Fracturing units is a simple to use system. An equipment operator can use the system without any training. Job data can be recorded on removable SD flash memory cards. The system is expandable and more data acquisition channels can be added as required.

Rapdilogger Oilfield Fracturing Monitoring Software


The system comes equipped with RapidVu, which  is the software for monitoring, graphing and printing quick and easy job reports on a PC.  The RapidVu program or a PC is not required to run and record a job but if needed can acquire data from the Rapidlogger system in real time.


Operating Temperature: -40C to 70C
Operating Enviornment: NEMA 4X
Analog Inputs: 16 24bit
Frequency / Depth Inputs: 8
Display: LCD w/ Backlight
Computer Interface: Serial, Ethernet, WiFi
Power: 12 / 24 DC, 110/240VAC
Job Memory: 16 GB

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