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Rapidlogger Oilfield Monitoring HardwareRapidlogger is a self contained, state-of-the-art system for job monitoring and recording on cementing, fracturing, mud, & nitrogen pumping, slickline, coiled tubing rigs and wellhead monitoring. The Rapidlogger can record, monitor, display and report depth, speed, weight, wellhead pressure, pump-strokes, pump-totals, flow rates and all other rig parameters.


The Rapidlogger is oilfield rugged, compact, and cost-effective. It is the most efficient system available in the market today. The system is simple to use and an equipment operator can use the system without any training. Job data can be recorded on removable and upgradeable MMC/SD flash memory cards.

The standard Rapidlogger system has 12 analog data channels. These 24 bit input channels are the highest resolution channels in the industry. The unit has 4 frequency channels. The system is expandable and more data acquisition channels can be added as required. The system runs on 12 to 24 Volts DC power and is available with a DC power conditioning power supply with a built-in UPS. In the basic configuration the system can record more than 200 hours of job data. This job memory can easily be increased with a higher capacity flash card.

The Rapidlogger is a stand-alone unit that does not require a PC for operation, display or recording of data. However it can transmit its data to a PC if needed both in real-time and after the job to transfer data etc.


The package is very compact and suitable for panel mounting in the control cab of oilfield trucks. Rapidlogger has been specifically designed from the ground up for use in harsh and hazardous environment. The maintenance free NEMA 4 enclosure houses the embedded computer, acquisition hardware, display, keypad and the flash memory.

A powerful PC application that runs on any Windows based PC is used to download the data in realtime or after the job to prepare a job report for the customer.

Coiled Tubing Mode: When used in the coiled tubing mode, the system measures, displays and records: depth, speed, weight, wellhead pressure, circulating pressure, pump rate and other parameters that the operator may choose. It can also trigger a solenoid valve to stop the unit if hanging weight or depth limits are exceeded.


The basic Rapidlogger system is capable of acquiring 12 analog, 4 frequency channels. It can also control two PWM high current digital output channels and one analog output channel. Additional channel inputs can be added to the base system as options. The system operates from 12-24VDC or 110-240VAC. The system can be retrofitted in existing units or incorporated into new service units. The system has been designed for continuous operation in harsh environments. The unit can be Rapdilogger Oilfield Monitoring Softwarecustom configured for difficult or nonstandard applications. Contact us with your specific requirements.


The Rapidlogger software panel runs a real-time embedded operating system on its rugged high-speed microprocessor. The real-time operating system allows the system to turn on instantly and be crash proof.

The Rapidlogger-PC is the optional laptop software for generating job reports and downloading data to the PC runs under Windows (NT/2000/XP/Vista). The laptop and the PC software is not needed for operation or job recording. It is only required for generating job reports or setting up enhanced data displays from the Rapidlogger system.


Operating Temperature: -40C to 70C
Operating Enviornment: NEMA 4X
Analog Inputs: 12 / 24 max, 24 bit resolution
Frequency Inputs: 4 / 8 max
Encoder Inputs: 2 / 4 max
Input Expansion: Internal Expansion Board
Display: LCD w/ Backlight, Text and Graphics
Computer Interface: Serial RS232, and Ethernet
Power: 12 / 24 DC standard, 110/240VAC optional
Program Memory: 2 MB Flash
Job Memory: 1 GB

Available Options

Tension cell, depth sensor, Tubing weight, wellhead & circulating pressure sensor

Intrinsic Safety Barriers:
For use in offshore operations in hazardous areas

Overpull/Overpressure Control:
Stop the winch or set the brake to prevent parting of wireline or damage to pipe.

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